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Tradpunkt has with their playful interaction played at several folk music festivals and for dancing in Sweden and abroad. For their repertoire the trio has opened a treasure chest full of Swedish polskor, waltzes, and songs from Mörkö and other parts of Södermanland, Sweden, but they also play self-composed folk music. Tradpunkt´s performance has been described as swingingly, rhythmic, innovating and fun, with variety but with respect for the tradition. Their music is for dancing – within or at full speed.

Tradpunkt will release their first album, Dansar här, in spring 2019. The album has been recorded together with dancers.

The band consists of:

Sunniva Abelli – nyckelharpa and vocal

Madliene Ahlström Eriksson – violin and nyckelharpa

Caroline Eriksson – violin and nyckelharpa

NY Booklet Caroline profilbild lYzYN-QM.

Caroline Eriksson

fiol, nyckelharpa

Caroline Eriksson is a nyckelharpa- and fiddlerplayer from Trosa in Sweden. She has a degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in folk music and is working as a music teacher and a musician. Caroline has a broad repertoire but is specializing in folk music from the province of Södermanland, Dalarna and Uppland. Caroline hold the title of riksspelman, or ”National Folk Musician” of Sweden. It is a generally recognized badge of mastery for Swedish folk musicians. Caroline is a member of serveral music groups and love playing for folk dancing.

NY Booklet Madliene_MG_2822.jpg

Madliene Ahlström Eriksson

fiol, nyckelharpa

Madliene Ahlström Eriksson holds a Bachelor's degree as a musician with a focus on Swedish folk music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She works as a Violin and Nyckelharpa teacher, music educator at a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool and as a freelance musician. Madliene and her husband have bought her father's parents' farm which has been in the family for seven generations before. The farm is located outside Hedemora in Southern Dalarna and they have been living there for some years now.


Caroline and Madliene are twins who come from Trosa in Södermanland. Before studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Caroline and Madliene studied at the Music Aesthetic program in Nyköping, the Malung Folk High School, the Eric Sahlström Institute in Tobo and the Music Conservatory in Falun. They both became Youth Champions in Southeast Sweden folk music in 2007 and are also Riksspelmän (which means they have got the Silver Zorn Badge).

Ny Booklet Sunniva_MG_2817.jpg

Sunniva Abelli

nyckelharpa, sång

Sunniva Abelli is a Nyckelharpa player and singer. She has studied at Eric Sahlström Institutet in Tobo and holds an artistic master in Nordic folk music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. From early age she has been surrounded by folk music in her family when she grew up in Bromma, Stockholm, but nowadays she lives in Umeå. In 2007 she won the Youth World Championship in Nyckelharpa playing. In 2012 she was rewarded with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm - Scholarship 2012, and in 2018 with the Umeå municipality Travel and Culture Award. Her favourite repertoar is polkas from Burträsk in Västerbotten and slängpolskas from Mörkö in Södermanland.

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